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Let's talk about non-contentious procedure

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How do the non-contentious procedures work?

As the name suggests, the non-contentious procedure is used when there is no conflict, dispute or litigation.  


The advantages of the non-contentious procedure before a notary


Some non-contentious procedures can be done before a notary, who alone is in charge of the entire file. The court will intervene only once the file is completed in order to render a judgment according to the conclusions of the notary.


There are several advantages to proceeding by non-contentious procedure before a notary. In addition to taking a more human approach, the procedure before a notary proves to be faster and less costly.  

The legal procedures that will be necessary for your request will be explained to you, and our notaries will accompany you throughout the process, from preparing the request to obtaining the judgment.

Different non-contentious procedures before a notary  : 

  • Homologation of a protection mandate

  • Verification of a holographic will or in front of witnesses

  • Opening of protective supervision

  • Appointment of a tutor to a minor child

  • Replacement of a tutor or curator

  • Application for judicial recognition of a property right

  • Request for cancellation

  • Application for a change of name

  • Guardianship to the absentee

  • Declaratory judgment of death

  • All other non-contentious requests

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