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How does a mortgage work? ?

A mortgage is a right, related to a property, which is given by a person as security when refinancing or buying a property.


The main obligation generated by this mortgage is the obligation to pay by the debtor all sums due to the creditor.


If the debtor defaults on this obligation, the creditor may use the hypothecary remedies granted to him by law.

For this mortgage to be valid, the parties must sign before a notary. Only the notary has the authority to sign such a document under the Civil Code of Quebec under penalty of nullity.

The notary will then publish the mortgage on the land register in order to make it public.

We are therefore present at this stage to draw up all the relevant documents and advise you on the rights and obligations arising from the mortgage.

What you need to know about the mortgage:

Many homeowners don't know it, but their entire property is mortgaged.   


With the subsidiary mortgage, more and more financial institutions take out a guarantee on 100% of the value of the property, sometimes even
any further.


What are the advantages and disadvantages? Inform yourself.

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