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Your family rights

Whether in the field of real estate, family, non-contentious procedures, estate settlements, wills and mandates of incapacity or to help you start or update your business, our team of professionals will become valuable advisers and will be present at all the important stages of your life. 

Marriage &  civil union

Marriage is not only a declaration of love, it is also a decision that involves legal consequences. Let us help you see it more clearly.

Family mediation

How to prepare for mediation: who can be present, what happens if an agreement is reached? What if there is no agreement?

amicable divorce

Are you married or in a civil union and do you want to end your married life? There are several ways to do this.


The settlement of a succession is done in stages, according to the wishes of the testator or according to the rules that apply to a legal succession.

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Avoid problems for your heirs by writing your will before a notary.

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Non-contentious procedure
Mandate for incapacity

The importance of the protection mandate is first of all that it allows the mandator to designate, now and in full knowledge of the facts, the person who will see to his well-being and who will administer his property in the event of incapacity.

Your notary can represent you before the court in the case of procedures that do not raise any dispute

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