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Your property rights

Whether in the field of real estate, family, non-contentious procedures, estate settlements, wills and mandates of incapacity or to help you start or update your business, our team of professionals will become valuable advisers and will be present at all the important stages of your life. 

Purchase & sale of property

During the acquisition or sale of property, the notary performs several steps to protect all parties to the deed. 

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Renegotiating your mortgage loan involves the signing of several legal documents and your notary will be there to advise you on this subject.

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Whether you are buying your very first house, renovating your current property, signing a mortgage will allow you to realize your projects.


An easement consists of a charge imposed on a property in favor of another property or a person and involves several important legal consequences to be aware of.

Loan Discharge

The notary can proceed with the publication in the land register of the loan discharge which will prove to everyone that you have paid your debt and that the mortgage you had is extinguished.

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